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Proprietary Japan formulation exclusively produced to suit local weather.

High silica content for a thicker protective layer and long-lasting shine.

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products are greener and contain less toxins.

Paint Coating

Superstar paint coating is a unique hydrophobic blend that is also hard enough to give your car protection from the weather while making it easier to wash and clean.

Glass Coating

Superstar glass coating applies nanotechnology to form protection on the molecular level and create a hydrophobic layer that protects your glass from water spots.

Leather Coating

Superstar leather coating contains emollients and conditioning agents that keep your interior looking new. The protective layer coats your leather and plastic to resist dirt, grime and water damage.

Fabric Coating

Superstar fabric coating is hydrophobic and protects fabric and leather against stains and spills. It is a water-based VOC-free formulation that does not affect the look, texture, breathability and colour of the coated surface.

Wheel Coating

 Superstar wheel coating provides a protective layer of hardness at the molecular level that resists wear and tear and keeps the glossy shine on your wheel for longer.

Trim Coating

Superstar trim coating offers protection for car trim with a natural, organic-based formula that saturates into the car trim to give it a protective layer of 5H hardness to prevent fading.

Headlamp Coating

SuperStar headlight coating forms a nano layer of protection on your headlight whether it is made from glass or plastic. The formula creates a 6H hardness layer that maintains the crystal clear shine of your headlamps

Car Sanitising

AirGuard kills and protects you from harmful viruses germs , bacteria, bad odour, mould & fungi effectively up to 99.99%. FLD & FLV Solution gives u lasting protection up to 4 weeks per session. Fast & Easy to use Air Guard has the solution for any venue