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SUPER TINT” window film is a photochromic 100% dye & metal free with improved TSER and Solar Heat Gain coefficient.

The result is a highy innovative material that promises clear vision and sufficient light without the hazards from the sun’s harmful rays! Protect your health with SUPERTINT.

Super Tint SG60 61% 64%
Super Tint 5% 75% 10%
Super Tint 20% 75% 10%
Super Tint 35% 61% 10%
Super Tint 50% 47% 29%
Super Safety NRLW400 SV60 45% 51%
Super Tint NANO Platinium 51% 98%
Super Tint Blue 40% 63%
Super Tint Titanium 35% 99%
Super Tint IR-35/70 61% 59%
Super Tint SV (HPW35+)(60/50) 59% 34%
Super Tint IR-0585 84% 77%
Super Tint SG75 31% 32%

What is ECO Series ?

  • -Photochromic Bio Ceramic IR film.
  • Photochromic changes its appearance and data caused by sunshine.
  • Improved TSER and Solar Heat Gaint Coefficient.
  • 100% Dye & Metal free.
  • Available for Automotive or Commercial & Residential.

About Warranty ?

No glass breakage warranty included. Only less than 45% absorption products can be apply at dual pane glass (ECO70 & ECO 60 available)

Why Super Tint ?

Heat Resistant

The interior of the car is 60% cooler with a mirror.

Accident Protection

Hold the mirror from shattering.

Protects Skin

Reduces the dangers of sunlight and bright light.

Driving is Safer

Avoid 99% of UV rays that cause skin cancer.

Can be used with "Smart Tag"

No “Smart Tag” recipient resistance.

Oil Savings

Reduce the use of car air conditioning.

Protect Valuables Items

Prevents damage and collapse of the interior of the car from the sunlight.

Dark Window Film For Buildings

Suitable for commercial and residential buildings.